Glint is a set of tools to aid in developing code that uses the Glimmer VM for rendering, such as Ember.js v3.24+ and GlimmerX projects. Similar to Vetur for Vue projects or Svelte Language Tools, Glint consists of a CLI and a language server to provide feedback and enforce correctness both locally during editing and project-wide in CI.

Glint CLI

Glint's CLI provides a template-aware tool for performing end-to-end TypeScript typechecking on your project.
Command line reporting of template type errors from glint

Glint Language Server

The Glint language server implements the standardized Language Server Protocol, allowing it to be easily incorporated into a variety of editors. The server enables Glimmer templates to participate in your editor's rich IED features.
Showing type information and documentation in templates on hover.
Jumping to the definition of a component from where it's used in a template
Locating all uses of a given component in a project
Suggesting component arguments in typeahead with type information and documentation

Stability Note

Note: Glint is still under active development! Please bear with us and expect breaking changes and rough edges as we work toward a stable release. Also note that Glint is currently only compatible with TypeScript projects, but our aim is ultimately to support JavaScript as well, as TypeScript's tooling can provide best-in-class support for both TS and JS projects.
Last modified 6mo ago