To use Glint with Ember v3.24 or higher, you'll need to:

  1. add the @glint/core, @glint/template and @glint/environment-ember-loose packages to your project's devDependencies

  2. add a "glint" key with appropriate config to your project's tsconfig.json

  3. add import '@glint/environment-ember-loose'; somewhere in your project

Read on for a more detailed explanation of each of these steps.

yarn add --dev @glint/core @glint/template @glint/environment-ember-loose
  "compilerOptions": { /* ... */ },
  "glint": {
    "environment": "ember-loose"

Using ember-template-imports? See Ember: Template Imports for additional installation steps.

Note that, by default, Glint will assume you want it to analyze all templates in the codebase that are covered by your tsconfig.json. To ignore any type errors up front so that you can incrementally migrate your project to typesafe templates, consider using the auto-glint-nocheck script to add @glint-nocheck comments to your existing templates that would produce errors.

Finally, ensure you've added the following statement somewhere in your project's source files or ambient type declarations:

import '@glint/environment-ember-loose';

You may also choose to disable TypeScript's "unused symbol" warnings in your editor, since Glint will flag any symbols that are actually unused, while tsserver won't understand any symbol usage that only occurs in templates.

When typechecking with vanilla tsc or your editor's tsserver integration, adding this side-effect import statement ensures that TypeScript is aware of the Glint-specific types provided by the environment package. Without this line, you may find that vanilla TypeScript produces spurious errors.

Version Requirements

Because Glint uses your project-local copy of TypeScript and the packages whose types it augments for use in templates, it requires certain minimum versions of those packages for compatibility.

PackageMinimum Version









It's possible to use the 4.x versions of the @types/ember* packages even if your project is still using an Ember 3.x LTS. Just note that any deprecated APIs you're using that were removed in 4.0 won't be available in the types, and APIs added later will be present in them.

Ember CLI TypeScript

If you are using Glint with TypeScript and Ember, visit the Ember CLI TypeScript documentation for more information.

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