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Template Components

In GlimmerX, standalone templates can be invoked as components. Like class-based components, you can declare a signature for a template component in order for Glint to understand how it can be used.
The class-based component above could as a template component like so:
import type { TemplateComponent } from '@glimmerx/component';
interface ShoutSignature {
/* same as above */
const shout = (message: string) => `${message.toUpperCase()}!`;
const Shout: TemplateComponent<ShoutSignature> = hbs`
<div ...attributes>
{{yield (shout @message)}}
Note that, similar to React's FunctionComponent and FC, you can also import and use the TC type alias as a shorthand for TemplateComponent:
import type { TC } from '@glimmerx/component';