Template-Only Components
A template-only component is any template for which Ember (and Glint) can't locate a backing TS or JS module. In Glint, these are treated very similarly to a component with an empty signature: it has no args, and it can't yield to blocks or apply ...attributes anywhere. Additionally, the value of {{this}} in such a template will be void.
While it's possible to do some simple things like invoking other components from these templates, typically you'll want to create a backing module for your template so you can declare its signature, add it to the template registry, and so on.
import templateOnlyComponent from '@ember/component/template-only';
interface ShoutSignature {
Element: HTMLDivElement;
Args: { message: string };
Blocks: {
default: [shoutedMessage: string];
const Shout = templateOnlyComponent<ShoutSignature>();
export default Shout;
declare module '@glint/environment-ember-loose/registry' {
export default interface Registry {
Shout: typeof Shout;
Note that the runtime content of this module (effectively export default templateOnlyComponent();) is exactly what Ember generates at build time when creating a backing module for a template-only component.
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